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Full range of funeral packages
Funeral Packages
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Each package is designed to provide you with a complete service, or alternatively serve as a comprehensive foundation with which to build a personalised service.

Funeral pre-planning and prearrangement
Funeral Pre-planning
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Pre-planning a funeral can relieve the burden from your grieving family, enabling them to mourn their loss without the additional stress of arranging the funeral.

Australian funeral insurance plans & bonds
Funeral Insurance
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Funeral insurance helps your family by providing funds when they're needed most. Through partners like Sureplan, you can ensure your family's financial security.

Grief support, counselling & after funeral care
Ongoing Support
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Losing a loved one can be difficult, so we have a dedicated consultant who can assist you and your family in the early days following the loss of a loved one.

Funeral Notices
Full range of funeral packages

If you're looking for funeral notices, we've taken the concept and moved it in a whole new direction.

With the traditional newspaper obituary quickly being replaced by online funeral notices, we've decided to build a complete Tribute Centre to create not just a simple online version of the old fashioned funeral notice, but to craft a lasting and interactive memorial for your loved one.

Our Tribute Centre is constantly evolving as we develop our systems and technical capabilities and we hope to be the premium online memorial service in Queensland.

Click the button below to visit our Tribute Centre.

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